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 Conference Papers

Organisational Effectiveness of Small and Medium Scale Entrepreneurship Support Agencies (ESAS) in Nigeria, Abdulazeez A. Lawal, Nigeria
Bridging Mismatch Between TVET Training and Labour Market Skill Demand Through Gap Analysis- The Polytechnic Programmes, Ahmadu G. Y., Sierra Leone
Entrepreneurship Promotion for Sustainable Development- A Case Study of Lusaka Vocational Training Centre, Clive M. Kawana, Zambia
Challenges of Self-Employment in Tanzania’s Music Industry- The Case of Bongo Flava Young Artists, Mr. Danford Yotham, Tanzania
From Government Yards to TVET Institutions’ Workshops- A Strategy for TVET Resource Mobilization and Sustainability in Kenya, Nyanjom Joyce, Kenya
Aligning Skills to Meet the Labour Market Needs in Africa, Role of TVET- Bridging Mismatch Between TVET Training and Labour Market Skills Demand, Epeni Ruth Florence, Kenya
Creating Opportunities for Enhancing Employment through Competence Based Education and Training- A Case of Mombasa Technical Training Institute, Gertrude Kiloko Mutie, Kenya
An Approach to Competence Based Training in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Literacy for Employment Enhancement, Igbape E. M., Nigeria
Predicting Academic Performance at the Polytechnic Level Using Discriminant Analysis, Joseph Dadzie, Ghana
Streamlining TVET System for Entrepreneurship Development- The Case of the Transport Industry in Tanzania, Benitha Mhoka Myamba, Tanzania 
Bringing the Future to Present- A Case Study of Technical Training Institutes in Nairobi Region, Jane Gatacha, Kenya
Assessing the Viability of Value Addition on Agricultural Produce- A Case Study of Nyandarua County, Beth Mueme, Kenya
The Role, Experience and Challenges of Curriculum Development for Sustainable- A Case of National Institute of Transport, Eng. Dr.Kiswaga B. Betram,  Tanzania
Awareness and Entrepreneurial Use of Internet-Based Social Networking Sites Among SME Operators, Miss. Julian Amanya, Uganda
Computer Aided Design in Apparel Production; A Skill Gap or Deficiency in Textile Training in Kenya, Mrs. Grace ATiti Otieno, Kenya
Bridging Mismatch Between TVET Training and Labour Market Skills Demand in Tanzania- A Case of Graduates of the National Institute of Transport, Mtaki Kyejo Nelly, Tanzania
Competency Based Education and Training (CBET) Approach in Kenya’s TVET Sector- Strategy for Attainment of Vision 2030, Kioko M Muoka, Kenya
Gaps in Nigerian Tertiary Education- Implications for the Employment of University and Polytechnic Graduates in Nigeria, Dr. Obasi Otuu Oko, Nigeria
Challenges of Self-Employment in Tanzania's Music Industry- The Case of Bongo Flava Young Artists, Danford Yotham, Tanzania
Civil and Irrigation Engineering in Sustenance of Irrigated Agriculture, D. P. Mtavangu, Tanzania
Emerging Careers in Life Science- Compelling Issues and Strategies for Successful TVET Implementation, Ezekiel Amri, Tanzania
Communicating Science and Technology- Analysis of Television and Radio Programmes in Ghana, Obiri-Yeboah Daniel, Ghana
Challenges Facing E-Commerce Adoption among Small Enterprises in Tanzania, Prof. E.A.M. Mjema, Tanzania
Improving Rural Community Technology Innova tion and Initiative- Accra Polytechnic and Kraboa Coaltar Community Relationship Project, Obiri-Yeboah, Ghana
Developing Railway Technical Human Capital Through Competence Based Education and Training in Tanzania- A Case of Tanzania Railways Limited, Eng. Dr. Salum K. Chang’waro, Tanzania
Realigning TVET Institutional Innova tions and Acquired Skills to Community Development, Peter Njoroge Rubia Kamau, Kenya
Responsive Training to Bridge Industrial Sector Skills Mismatch, Matoka Charles Mboya, Kenya
Competency Based Training Alternative Strategy for Hands-on Training in Ghanaian Polytechnics- The Prospects and Challenges, S. N. Sundong, Ghana